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LATEST INTEREST September 11th, 2013

Check out the Seattle Library in a gear format, and yes, it articulates!



Found on LMN Tech Studio: 




June 15th, 2012

I have stumbled onto a video that I think is excellent in tapping into some of my main interests as a designer.  This is also the first I have heard of an individual titling themselves as a "generative designer"  VERY exciting.


ONFROMATIVE generative design agency Interview [Link to Video


June 6, 2012


I have made a contact card for myself.  By default it is called a "business card," but I am not giving people information on my business; I don't own a business.  Instead I have a CONTACT CARD that has basic information on it and gives a way for someone to remember how to spell my name and ultimately getting them to my website and exploring whatever else the World Wide Web might have to offer with a key word search 'erik' and 'tremain'.


In the beginning, I was only interested in giving someone my name if a worthy conversation had happened spontaneously while racing cars or climbing mountains.  I have been surprised who I have run into while doing things outside of my professional environment.


So, simple right?  Right.  My name..., but then what?  How about some eye candy?  I decided to go with a graphic that I used for a resume put together after graduate school.  I have always liked the effects wireframe has: COMPLEX, 3DIMENSIONAL, AND GIVES YOUR BRAIN THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE SOMETHING POP OFF OF THE RENDERED SURFACE.  Cool.  Now maybe a phone number and the web address in case they want to skip the unknown and unexpected places a search engine might take you, which I enjoy sometimes.


This is what it looks like and it will be printed on thin, flexible translucent plastic.  I am excited.



Oct 21, 2011


3 Main Objectives for a CONCEPT AND CRITICISM GROUP at NAC

Create a landscape for significant and leading individuals to converse about the existence and execution of reality.

Sustain an environment that caters to broad and or intensive conversation for the encountering of foci, our distinctiveness, and the collective effort as a group.

And lastly, ooze the attentiveness and veracity obtained within this group into our projects undoubtedly resulting in an improved collaboration and maintenance of concept development through time.


Now, the context:

I have heard that a butterfly’s’ colors and patterns result from the evolution of successful camouflage and signaling foul taste to a predator, but then I heard that not all Monarch butterflies’ are poisonous.


The objective of this group is to exercise our ability to evaluate reality.  We are capable of projecting ourselves into the future and make important decisions about the built environment, an environment that is defined by us, but also defines us.  Architecture is not only about buildings or the built environment alone but also about a vast variety of forces that make an exhibition of ideas.  Accordingly we will not focus on architecture alone, but touch on other issues that may borrow from subjects well beyond our imaginations.


As an endeavor, I would like to seek the truth of any particular issue with whoever believes they have the truth.  So, it is important to employ criticism which is constantly grappling with what lies beneath the surface.  As such it digs and in the process it unearths material that is less than obvious or at least it was but is now part of an open field of scrutiny.  The task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.[1]  Criticism by necessity wanders and at times the conversation may seem to be way off course, but this is the process of exploring the nature of what is and what is not.  We will be proceeding with questions and pitting one point against another with a sense of equality regardless of the source.  The essence of good conversation, I think.


Now, you may be worried that such conversations come with a lot of hard work and conversations can most certainly be fueled by weighted facts of the past, but I hope to utilize knowledge and attitudes already obtained and examine concepts and criticism with daily journals, video, and media that is made to appeal to the public.  At times we may go back and forth between current trends and the primitive hut far detached from what NAC is doing.  Where the quality lies is rehearsing our views of the world to each other creating a rich dialogue. Then from day to day we will use our understanding for one another enriching our privileged task of manifesting creative environments for young generations.


We are conscious beings with the ability to climb out of our traveling vehicle to see what we are doing from a multitude of perspectives.  What do you think the Monarch butterfly would tell you if you asked why his wings are so bright?  Would he be able to answer you?

As a test, I would like to employ a short reading in a recent Architectural Record article covering Santiago Calatrava’s World Trade Center Transportation Hub and one quick page turn to a second short article titled Smoke and Mirrors.  These readings obviously take different sides in explaining what is happening in New York.  We do not need to decipher every sentence but be expected to realize them and frame them in some form of argument. Bring your impressions to the group and let’s see where we end up. 


[1] Schopenhauer







Please Contact me directly to view my resume: email:


I am a designer with 96% of the Architectural Experience Program complete looking to expand my knowledge in the practice of architecture.  I am interested in thoroughly exploring the process of design and construction through pure conceptual approaches and then carefully editing the possibilities through innovative thinking, criticism, and collaboration.  It is my goal to influence the world of architecture through technology and a constant feedback loop between form, function, and person.  By effectively engaging technological developments, both in the virtual and in the actual, the possibilities of coordination, design, and material technologies can have limitless potentials.



  • Residential Design, Permitting, and Construction Administration/Observation.
  • Solution based criticism and design rationalization accomplished by focus, collaboration, and divergent thinking.
  • Implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) Workflows and Processes while undergoing design processes and  constructability.  [SEE A LIST OF PROGRAMS I HAVE USED AND ASSOCIATED WORK]
  • Growth, Process and Workflow Management to keep teams happy and efficient.
  • Technical BIM Learning and Training Development for all levels of ability.