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Capturing Movement   SEATTLE, WA  VIDEO  Studio Coarse: Fall 2005 could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads ?
                                                              Plato: The Allegory of the Cave, from The Republican

 A condition could be a circumstance, the state that something exits, creation, hardship, or advancement. The term condition is completely open to interpretation, but centers on what could be most relevant to what a city is. Is the city something, or is it part of something else? Is it anything at all? Instead of is it something, does it do anything? When that question is asked, the city is no longer a noun, it has become a verb, an action or cycle. 
The Glass House    Santa, Idaho      Studio CoarseFall 2006
 This house was designed for a Glass Artist. The client’s vision was to build a building which best reflects the art of glass and be worthy of housing such work.  The site is secluded on a cliff overlooking the St. Marries River surrounded by Idaho mountains. Inspiration for this project fell on shards of glass. The molecular structure of glass is random at best, but when many pieces of glass are examined, they begin to follow the same movements in form. Program specifics are a studio, show room, large great room to accommodate 20 people, and a small living space with all the needs of the regular home. The approximately square footage is about 2000 square feet.  
Spokane High Rise    Spokane, Wa     Studio Coarse: Spring 2006 
 The intention for this project was to design a high rise building that fit the context of Spokane. Since Spokane does not have many high rise buildings, there was an opportunity to re-invent the way a tall building performed in both program and exterior functions. Particular attention was paid to interior experience and inhabitant interactions. The large interior atrium ties the building together by allowing the inhabitant to be aware of the amount of space that is either above or below them. It also lets the inhabitant observe the activities taking place on the interior court yard.  


                  Amplitheater Seating at Hawaii Preparatory AcademyDESIGN STUDY - BUILT 2010


                 Kolea, Kailua-Kona Hawaii VISUALIZATION


                  Remote Get Away in Kamiak, Washington VISUALIZATION