The primary focus is residential architecture in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  

I am interested in thoroughly exploring the process of design and construction through pure conceptual approaches and then carefully editing the possibilities through innovative thinking, critical thinking, and collaboration.  It is my goal to influence the world of architecture through technology and a constant feedback loop between form, function, and person.  By effectively engaging technological developments, both in the virtual and in the actual, the possibilities of coordination, design, and material technologies can have limitless potential.

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I have stumbled onto a video that I think is excellent.  It tapps into some of my interests as a designer.  This is also the first I have heard of an individual titling themselves as a "generative designer"  VERY exciting.

ONFROMATIVE generative design agency Interview

A particle is only itself until it has something to interact with and forces are applied.  Much like simple ideas for architecture.  When ideas can be applied to a context, exciting things can take shape.